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Late night thoughts for me

I sit here, lay here every single night and wonder about things. The what ifs, the whys, the what happened……. I miss some of the things that I used to have. But I guess that’s apart of life, losing the things you used to love. I’m a believer and always have been one. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. One thing ends, something else begins. When one door closes, another one opens. To new opportunities. New life. New adventures. I lay in bed almost every single night thinking about him. Everything will always be questions for me. I will always wonder why I wasn’t good enough. As much as I know deep down I shouldn’t think that way, it crosses my mind. I think that question crosses everyone’s mind when they lose someone they truly loved.
It’s life. You gotta understand. You have to realize and accept the fact that what’s done is done. Remember, but never, ever forget.
This is just another chapter. As hard as something’s may be, there will always be better days. The more you experience, the wiser you become. Believe in yourself, love yourself and never be afraid.
That’s how you’ll succeed

Don’t you hate that moment when you wanna talk shit about someone on twitter or even Facebook but you don’t want to because that person follows you and will respond and make it seem like every damn tweet is about him!? Like hello… I don’t even speak to you. Why would you even begin to imagine I am tweeting about you.
Fuck. So annoying. Lol
I can’t even right now, seriously ..!

Amazing 😍